Avoiding awkward sex

If we can all be honest, we have had at least one awkward sexual encounter. First-time encounters have the highest rate of being awkward. While some have been able to overcome such moments and proceeded to have good sex, there is a small percentage that has had to quit. Both males and females need to adopt confidence when it comes to sex. Comfortable sex involves both parties being comfortable in their skin hence increased self-esteem. Confidence means that you will not be afraid to suggest new sexual positions to your partner. It will give you an opportunity for both of you to have a mutual understanding and build trust. Also letting your partner know what you are comfortable with will minimize the possibility of sexual activities that will ruin the fun. When you are not in the mood for sex, let your partner know. Make sure to tell them gently and respectfully to avoid misinterpretation. You can also suggest other great ways to build intimacy such as spooning. It will save you from engaging in uncomfortable intercourse that can end up being awkward.

A lubricant can be messy, but it will help you please each other easily. Choose the right oil that will enhance intercourse even when you are using a condom. It will also help increase arousal making sex more pleasurable. Ensure that you also engage in sufficient foreplay to make you ready for sex. Participating in the act without proper preparation can be painful and embarrassing. Top Site Adulte , for example, is a pornographic site that will give you great ideas on arousal and foreplay. To avoid turning your partner off, ensure a high level of hygiene. Getting rejected due to conditions such as bad breath can crash your self-esteem. While at it, make sure you maintain privacy. Having someone walk in on you in the act can be uncomfortable.

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