Different ways you can have safer sex

Most of us believe that the only option of having safer sex is limited to condoms.  There truth is, there are several ways you can protect yourself and your sexual partner, not just by using condoms.  Condoms are still considered among the best ways to have safe sex. When used correctly, they have the ability to prevent transmission of deadly diseases like HIV. Condoms are almost 805 effective when it comes to preventing HIV infections among gay men during sex. They are also effective in preventing deadly STI’S.  Pre-exposure prophylaxis and Post- exposure prophylaxis prevent the transmission of HIV in more than 90% of the cases where they are used.  Prep is taken daily to control exposure to of STI’S and HIV while post is taken by people who have had some sexual contact with people who have HIV.

When it comes to HIV transmission, the recipient partner or rather the bottom partner in a two male sexual encounter is at more risk of contracting the disease. If you are not using any other form of protection with your partner, you should try strategic positioning. This means that you choose a different sexual practice or position to lessen the risks of contacting the disease. You should always take high measures to protect yourself until you are certain your partner is clean. Other activities like using sex toys and Gay fisting could be substitute sexual practices to prevent HIV and other diseases. You should try Sero –sorting, it is the common practice where people choose their partners depending on their HIV and STI statuses. It is more effective in people who are more concerned about spreading the virus to others but can be helpful when it comes to preventing HIV also. Did you know that honesty can prevent sexually transmitted diseases? Being honest with your partner about your status and relationship with other people can keep them safe from all kinds of diseases.

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