Enhance Your Sex Experience By Incorporating The Sex Toys

Escort agency not only provides you escorts for making your trip enjoyable but also provides trained and professional escorts who can provide you the best sexual pleasures. In London, there are many women who have the fantasy of lesbian sex so they hire escorts. Lesbian escort London mostly are lesbians but there are some that are straight as well. So, if you are going to hire an escort for lesbian experience then you should make sure that the escort you are hiring is a lesbian as they will provide you a more sensual feel.

Sex toys used by lesbians

Finger stimulators-if you have never used sex toy then the fingers are the best ever tool for having a new experience. You can also use the finger gel sleeves with a nubby texture for enhancing your feelings.You can wear these sleeves on your both fingers and give an enhancing sensation to yourself and your partner.

Clitoral vibrators-if you want to make your sexual experience enjoyable then you can also ask your bisexual partner about the clitoral vibrator. She can use it for giving an extra stimulation to your clit and have some good experience.

G -spot touch finger wipe- it is a kind of vibrating sleeve. If you want to make your sex experience with your lesbian partner exotic then you can use it for stimulating her. It is remote operated so you can give some vibrating experience by your finger tips to your partner.

Rechargeable finger vibrator-it is not like other vibrators. You can wear it on two fingers of your one hand.  There is no nubby structure present on the vibrator. It means you can use your finger to rub, touch,and pinch any part of the body for giving a beautiful sensation to your partner.

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