Escort Etiquette 101 – a guide on how to relate to escorts

When you hire an escort, you expect your time together to be enjoyable.  It is not as easy as relating to the people you talk to everyday, there are specific etiquettes that you will need to follow. This will help you make the meeting more comfortable and pleasurable for both of you.  if the formality between you two is not broken, it will be pretty hard for the escort to provide you with any pleasure or ecstatic feelings and fulfilling our desire.  This article is meant to give you a general idea of all the etiquettes you need to follow when you meet with your chosen escort.  This will be especially helpful when you are booking your first escort Bergamo. Learning the basics will help you enjoy the experience fully.  Escorts are aware of the type of clients they are going to meet, which is why they are always dressed their best. 

For the perfect acquaintance, you need to take care of your cleanliness and hygiene. Just like any other business meeting, your appearance will determine their first impressions of you.  If you are smelly and unclean, chances are you will not get the deal with the escort.  Make sure your appearance is fresh when you are going out to meet the escort.  Over the years, escort services have changed for the better.  Your health and safety is now as big concern as your satisfaction when it comes to the services.  Just like your health, the escort’s health Is important too. You both want to ensure the other person is not suffering from a disease that could put you both at risk.  Health and safety are a primary concern; whether you are experienced in that business or have never done it before.  Do not hide your health conditions because this may put  you and the escort at risk.

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