How To Behave With A Brazilian Escort?

If you are looking to hire a Brazilian escort as your companion for an event or for entertaining you, there are some etiquettes that you need to keep in mind. Escorting is their profession and should not be looked down upon. Brazilian women appreciate gentlemen who know how to behave properly. If you do not discriminate them on their profession and treat them like a date, they can be great acompanhantes.

Here are some tips that you can follow when hiring a Brazilian escort-

First meeting-Every woman loves kind gestures, so don’t treat her any differently. Buy some chocolates or flowers for her; she won’t expect them and will appreciate your gesture. Open the door for her when she gets in/out of the car or when going to a party/restaurant. A very important thing is that you should never bring your friends with you. She might think that you would have a motive behind it for taking her advantage for sexual needs and she might leave immediately. If you have signed for night stays or physical interactions, book a hotel for it. They are more comfortable with busy areas.

Behavior-Be decent with her. Don’t go near her or hold her until she allows you. Be nice to her by asking if she needs anything to eat or drink or if she is comfortable with the setting. This will let her to open herself more to you and entertain you in an enjoyable way. Don’t be too drunk when she is about to visit you.

Cancellation-Escorts have advance bookings; so if you have any plans of cancelling your meeting with her, make sure to do it well before the meeting time, so that she can book other clients. Call her in person if there is a last minute cancellation and explain the emergency that you are stuck in.

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