How to survive long distance relationships

Sometimes, long distance relationships are a cross to bear. Perhaps, the hardest thing about this kind of relationship is the sex deprivation. It does not matter if you have been sexually active for a long time or only just met, the desires can be overwhelming and unbearable. If you have never done the long distance thing before, you are in for a treat. The relationship will remain strong only if there is adequate communication and obviously a strong bond. Do not run away from the relationship until you give it all you have.  If it has failed for you in the past, try to work out through all the issues you had. Keeping an open mind plays a huge part in how successful the relationship will turn out to be.  Jumping into the relationship without a plan may ruin things for both of you. You obviously know this, but the intimate part of the relationship will be the part giving you the most trouble.

 Some people are more patient than others when it comes to abstinence. Communicating with your partner about your level of tolerance will help you come up with a better solution faster.  If you cannot live for long periods of time without slipping up, it is better to find something that will work in place of that. Live adult chat and porn are a great way to fulfil your desires while staying loyal to your partner. In my book, these two are in no way a form of cheating. It is a great alternative for people who are in long distance relationship that may last months at a time. If your partner is intolerant, try to be as understanding as you can. This will help you meet in the middle of the situation.  Lastly, do not expect the relationship to be perfect, there are going to be ups and downs but if you have the drive, you may just make it.

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