Sex with a bow up doll – The basics

Having sex with an inflatable doll is just like having sex with any other toy or doll. Just like sex in real life, this is an intimate act. Blow up dolls are made of light plastic materials, which makes the convenient during sex. You gave the freedom to move as you please without using too much effort.  You can turn and use them in any position as long as you are comfortable.  If you are using the sex doll for the first time, it may be difficult to master the right positions. It takes a lot of practice to get comfortable with your doll; but as soon as you get the right moves you are good to go.  Inflating a sex doll is quite easy and straightforward. All you need to do is follow the instruction that come with the dills manual.

 One thing you should keep track of is the doll’s level of inflation. If you over do the inflation, the seams and any incisions on the doll will look strained and that may be dangerous. Leave some space in the doll for purposes of squeezing and other acts during sexual intercourse.  People seem to forget that these dolls are made of plastic, which can become quite stiff on the skin. This is why you need a good quality lubricant for your doll. It does not matter how inflatable the doll is, if you take the wrong steps you might end up hurt. Oil based lubricants can be hard to clean off, so make sure you get any good water based lubricant. For your doll to last long, you should always clean and sterilize it. The cleaning should take place every time you are intimate with the doll. Lubricants and other fluids will cause damage and deterioration to the doll in the long run. You may even get some infections if the cleaning is not done right.

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